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Insulated Concrete Foaming Systems

ICF Buildiing Systems are the ultimate building systems for strength.

2 1/2 inches of two pound dense foam encasing a 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch thick concrete wall. These building systems will stand for years beyond sticks and stones and will withstand any 100 year storm mother nature throws at them.

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TF Systems

E-Building Systems Promotes TF Insulated Concrete Forming Systems

There are several different manufacturers of ICFs, but only a limited difference between the type of materials. TF is the only vertical forming system. Most other ICFs are horizontally stacked block systems. Due to the full height vertical components, the TF Insulated Concrete Forming System is the Easiest ICF system to use. TF is also noted for it's Exceptional strength against blow outs and Ease to line and brace. ”

The TF System was conceived and designed by a concrete contractor who was frustrated with ICF block systems and the problems block systems pose.


In general, all ICFs are close in cost. TF has a much simpler bracing system which can save you in overall costs. No bracing to rent. Use the same 2 x 4 bracing materials that you will reuse for bracing throughout your project and eventually work into blocking and other uses.


Length of Wall x Height of Wall x $ 15.00 per square foot.

This formula will provide you with a general budgeting number which includes the cost of product, sales tax, shipping, concrete, misc. forming materials and the labor to install it. This general pricing formula works for walls between 8 to 12 feet in height. The amount of corners, door and window openings, will cause the price to change incrementally.

TF Systems