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If all new construction was built out of a SIP or ICF Building System this world would be a safer place.

Unfortunately, it takes a natural disaster to prove the durability of building systems. SIP and ICF structures have been built in harms way and have proven time and again their claims to exceptional strength and durability.

Exceptional Wolf

Exceptional Flood

You can Huff and Puff,
But you can't blow these buildings down.

After the initial agony of Katrina, the networks ran a news story about an ICF house that withstood Katrina's devastation. The ICF building system not only held out flood waters, there was only minor damage to exterior roofs lines on the exterior of the structure. On the inside of the home, interior finishes and furniture were in place with nothing crashing off cabinet shelves and counter tops. An ICF structure is as close to a bomb shelter as one can build.

You can Shake, Rattle and Roll these building systems
but you won't bring these structures down

The Kobe earthquake of 1995 - One of Japan's deadliest earthquakes, showcases six SIP structures that were still standing, while most everything around them was shaken down to a pile of rubbish. See our PDF report.

Since that earthquake, Japan opened their own manufacturing plant and much of the construction in Japan today clads the age old building technique of Post & Beam with SIP panels.

Exceptional Fire

There aren't many stories about SIPs or ICFs surviving fires, but the few that have surfaced and from actual testing that has been done, resistance to fire damage is impressive.

An undocumented report came out of the Laguna Hills Fire in Southern California. It was claimed that the stick frame roof had burned off the house, but the SIP walls remained intact.

SIP & ICF construction are "solid wall construction". There are no voids and cavities where a fire can start, nor do they provide air shafts that typically add the fuel to a fire that causes it to burn. Tests have shown fires starting inside SIP and ICF structures actually put themselves out for a lack of oxygen.

Comfort, Cleanliness and Security are the Exceptional Properties of SIP & ICF Building Systems.

SIP & ICF Building Systems block heat & cold from escaping and/or entering through a wall or roof assembly. This directly relates to the "Solid Wall" and "Whole Wall" we've talked about in other parts of this site.

The comfort level of these structures greatly increases due to even heating and cooling. Solid wall systems don't allow cold or hot spots throughout a home.

You should "Build Tight and Ventilate Right" to get the perfect balance. Cleanliness is achieved as the solid wall building envelope forms an airtight shield that blocks outside elements (dust, pollens, vehicle emissions, and so many other particulants) from leaking through the exterior building envelope. Air to Air Heat Exchangers are used to pull out moisture and other poor quality air that off gases from our furniture, rugs and appliances. These exchangers bring in filtered fresh air.

Security has become one of our biggest concerns today. Where do we want to feel the safest......Right at Home!

A SIP or ICF built home can provide you with a greater level of security.